Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How did my friend get my email password when very far from me?

My friend lives in South Africa while I am in Kenya. He got my password online and told me. He refused to tell me his trick. He is a computer genius and I wonder how he did it. He did not guess because he has done it twice and I use very strong passwords that I even sometimes forget. He has no one to watch out for me. How did he do it from that far away?

How did my friend get my email password when very far from me?
You sure you don't have spyware on your system, or remote control software?

Google these freeware programs to secure your pc.

-) Download %26amp; install Firefox as your web browser.

-) Install macromedia flash %26amp; shockwave, then java.

-) Download CCleaner %26amp; run it.

-) Under CCleaner startup options, remove all but your yahoo, antivirus, or possibly firewall.

Don't use Internet Explorer again! Firefox is more secure, + built in tabs, %26amp; popup blocking.

-) Download zonealarm free edition firewall %26amp; install it.

-) Download AVG free antivirus, install %26amp; update definitions.

-) Download Spybot Search %26amp; Destroy %26amp; update definitions.

-) Scan your pc with AVG, Spybot, %26amp; trend micro online housecall.

P.S. Didn't tell us what program he get's your password from, such as IE, PC logon password, or whatever.

Need to be more specific to know how it happened.

Reply:He most likely used a KEYLOGGER or some other application to steal your password. A Keylogger is a form of Spyware that tracks down your every key stroke and in more severe cases exploit other things about you such as your Credit Card number and your other credentials.

Your "friend" tried to HACK you! He attempted to steal your password and it's quite easy to do with the programs they have now. Luckily, it's as easy to get programs to stop this from happening again.


A free firewall that will stop anyone trying to enter your computer to STOP, and does so quite effectively.


I'd assume you're using Internet Explorer, a program that's quite inferior to Mozilla Firefox. Not only is it faster and more lightweight, it also provides better security and will prevent most nasties from entering your computer.


An easy-to-use Spyware Busting application. It scans and eliminates any instance of Spyware from your computer and is updated quite frequently.

Also, there are many programs in the internet to stop Keyloggers from tracking each keystroke down.
Reply:You got hacked !

Get better security !

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